Life in General

Money Can Certainly Buy Happiness.


 <whine>It’s weird…. Technically, I’m not depressed depressed (Gigglechick…sponsored by Wellbutrin®) but the fact that I’m broke ($-46.52) basically has me stuck here at home and the only way that helps me kinda forget about the money situation is sleeping. Yes. I have some cash coming in hopefully this week, but, it’s this limbo of waiting that kills me. Yep, I ... Read More »


“blah blah blah, ohhhhhh, I’m making a New Year’s Resolution and gonna post evvvvvvvery day….” I made it 3 days. THREE cussing days. Come on. Meanwhile over on facebook, I’m annoying the fuck out of thousands of people by posting a minimum of 10x a day. I think that I need to change my firefox homepage to my wordpress dashboard ... Read More »


Since I had the resolution to post more in 2015, I’m trying to post at least once a day… I’ve got 5 minutes to go until tomorrow… so getting this in just under the wire… I wish my New Year’s Resolution was to bake & eat an entire tray of 24 cookies within an hour & a half because *THAT* ... Read More »


So, as I mentioned previously, the “friend” has taken her sweet damned time getting here. so far a week late (let me reiterate, not pregnant. thanks.) my hormones, however, are on MEGADRIVE! okay. last night i was up working till about 4:30am on a site for Dave… then I went to bed and couldn’t fall asleep until 6am… being tired ... Read More »


WOW! First off, can you believe that we were all freaked out about Y2K 15 years ago??? How did I ring in the New Year? Sit down… you might get pretty jealous… I watched a bunch of Downton Abbey episodes, drank Earl Grey tea, ate some eggrolls and hung out with Gigglepup. I used the excuse that I was still ... Read More »


Getting ready for 2015!!  My upstairs giggleneighbor and I started smudging sage in our apartments and around our property last New Year’s Eve and this past year has been absolutely amazing for both of us. So…. here’s my gigantor-sized sage stick that I’ve been burning for the past half an hour as I prepare for 2015! What has been so ... Read More »


I went to Reiki for the second time and it was amazing! Not going to get all into it – but, I told her NOTHING about what was going on with me — she wound up focusing on my left knee (hello. that’s the bad knee) and then my throat chakra (hey I have been having a creative block with ... Read More »

Gigglepoetry II


more poetry. this was 1991. Junior year of college. ——— dammit… the motor’s running they screamed i didn’t care i was in my own world where only i was important quite a change hurry up dammit they cried i didn’t care they weren’t in my world this place catered to me all i had to do was sit and eat ... Read More »



hah I was going through some of my poetry from around 20+ years ago… man I was fucked up… here’s one I wrote when I was in college around 1990 ————- hell… she talks to herself the conversation is becoming quite intense. a fight has erupted. violence. she’s beating herself up – mentally. blaming herself for things in the past. ... Read More »

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