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HOLY SMOKES! Insanity! Fit Test – #2 (Day 15) under my belt.

SWITCH KICKS: Day 01: 69 Day 15: 73

POWER JACKS: Day 01: 26 Day 15: 38

POWER KNEES: Day 01: 53 Day 15: 81

POWER JUMPS: Day 01: 20 Day 15: 28

GLOBE JUMPS: Day 01: 3 Day 15: 5

SUICIDE JUMPS: Day 01: 3 Day 15: 7

PUSH UP JACKS: Day 01: 10 Day 15: 15

LOW PLANK OBLIQUE: Day 01: 16 Day 15: 34

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Cardio Power & Resistance. I actually was able to do more reps of each exercise today (or it felt like it… okay, mainly it felt like “i know what i am doing. I can do this!” — which is a step up from last week’s “What the fresh Hell did I get myself into!?!?!?” )

Feeling pretty kick ass today ;)

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Cardio Power & Resistance is in the books. Made it through! Did some modifications (with the push ups.) but kept moving!

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Okay. INSANITY! Plyometric Cardio Circuit workout is under my belt. I did pretty well (for the first time) – Granted there were parts that I was like “you are out of your mind if you think i can do that, Shaun T” but I did my best and when i felt like I couldn’t, I just kept moving. (I was pleased to see one of the monster guys on the dvd get up and give an “eff this” motion with his arm and go off to the side for a minute)

I need a shower. Probably a Silkwood-esque strength one.

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pretty much think that my score on my first INSANITY! Fit Test is in the “Dead” Range. (seeing as halfway through the warm-up i contemplated sending the DVDs back for a refund)

Switch Kicks = 69 Power Jacks = 26 Power Knees = 53 Power Jumps = 20 Globe Jumps = 3 (yes. three.) Suicide Jumps = 3 (again) Push-Up Jacks = 10 Low Plank Oblique = 16

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(She is actually kicking arse on Buzzfeed right now with her “This Dog Really Hates ‘Twilight'” clip)

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Jeez, I haven’t posted on my blog in months. Back in May, I moved from Brick back to my hometown of Manasquan. It’s been fantastic.

Until Hurricane Sandy barreled down on us this week. Right now I am an evacuee, living at my high school art teacher’s house (it pays to have been a kick ass student. remember that, kids.) There is no power and no heat at my house in Squan – the water flooded my house – I lucked out with only 3 inches (yeah. there’s a joke in that sentence. i am too exhausted to write it though.)

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