Alright! Once again, I’ve realized that it’s time to whittle the body down. I’ve been paying $50+ per month at the local gym for the past year and a half and have gone twice – once being when I signed up. Over this blizzardy winter here in Jersey, I took the opportunity to become a sloth-like hermit with a gluttony ... Read More »

gonna try this again…

went to the gym today. been going for a couple of weeks. my knee popped out 2 weeks ago, it’s getting better, but it’s still whinging a bit. this is what i did today: STATIONARY BIKE: Distance: 4.22 miles Time: 18:00 minutes Calories: 87 STAIRMILL: Distance: .59 miles Floors: 28 Time: 15:00 minutes Calories: 111.4 TREADMILL: Distance: 1.00 Time: 21:41 ... Read More »

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