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Alright! Once again, I’ve realized that it’s time to whittle the body down. I’ve been paying $50+ per month at the local gym for the past year and a half and have gone twice – once being when I signed up. Over this blizzardy winter here in Jersey, I took the opportunity to become a sloth-like hermit with a gluttony issue… and gained 25+ pounds.

On June 3rd, 2014 — I hit my chart-topping weight of 248.2 — awesome.

This has resulted in my knees (mostly my left one) going on strike and growling at me for months.

Soooooooo… rather than ease my way into things, I’ve joined the local CrossFit (JSA CrossFit in Manasquan) and am going to kick my fat’s ass…

Yes, I’ve heard the Anti-CrossFit arguments… I know that there’s a chance that I could get hurt… That’s only if I am not listening to my body. Believe me, I am not delusional and thinking that I am going to be lifting 300 pounds and doing 1000 squats right off the bat (if ever.)

In fact, JSA is a “teaching” box — so I will be learning the proper way to do stuff and not trying to become some sort of machine (yet.)

There were around 11 or 12 people in the class I was in. Allllllll different levels, from me (Sloth/Slug/Modified) to athletic monster powerhouses (In my opinion.)


Day 1 – CrossFit 10 minutes Did 4 rounds + 15 of:

5 air squats 5 pull up ring row things 5 deadlifts with 15 lb kettle bell 5 sit ups with the ab pad thing 5 push lifts with weighted pvc bar 5 wall push ups



They told me to skip the box today and just walk and hydrate – so at 7:30am I woke up (what?!?!) and walked a mile with gigglepup.


I’m pretty psyched — last year I was kicking ass on my own with Insanity at home for 3 months (until I went out for my birthday, was hungover for a week and just couldn’t get back into the swing of things) — so this will get me really focused, out of the house, meeting people, de-hermitizing myself and getting back in shape!


Below is my WOD — which was a modified “Pheezy” Hero WOD — the others in the class had 20 minutes to do some crazy unmodified stuff…




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went to the gym today. been going for a couple of weeks. my knee popped out 2 weeks ago, it’s getting better, but it’s still whinging a bit. this is what i did today:

STATIONARY BIKE: Distance: 4.22 miles Time: 18:00 minutes Calories: 87

STAIRMILL: Distance: .59 miles Floors: 28 Time: 15:00 minutes Calories: 111.4

TREADMILL: Distance: 1.00 Time: 21:41 minutes Calories: 131

LEG EXTENSIONS 2 sets | 10 reps | 45 lbs

INDIVIDUAL LEG EXT. RIGHT: 3 sets | 10 reps | 25 lbs LEFT: 3 sets | 10 reps | 25 lbs

SHOULDER PRESS: 2 sets | 10 reps | 30 lbs

SEATED LEG CURL 3 sets | 12 reps | 30 lbs

INDIVIDUAL SEATED L.C. RIGHT: 3 sets | 12 reps | 10 lbs LEFT: 3 sets | 12 reps | 10 lbs

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