“CHECK… FOR… THAT… CHECK!!!” [Blizzard Edition]



*cue theme music*

Announcer: It’s time to play “CHECK FOR THAT CHECK!!”

**crowd goes wild**

Announcer: It’s an exciting day here on “Check For That Check!” — We’re in the middle of a blizzard where 4 inches have already fallen… yet, the Postman JUST arrived at twenty to Five in the afternoon.

Erin: Yeah, I have been pretty nervous all day. Especially after yesterday’s MLK holiday and the show was canceled…  I feel pretty good about my odds now that something’s been put in the mailbox.

Announcer: Okay, Erin, you know the drill…. what should she do, everybody!?!

Audience: “CHECK….. FOR….. THAT…. CHECK!!!”

**suspenseful music plays**

**mailbox hinge creaks**


**Erin waves a fistful of mail that includes one client check**

YAYYYYYYYY!!! It’s here! It’s here! I can do my laundry now!!!!!!


**Audience Goes Apeshit**


Announcer: That’s fantastic! Join us in a few days for another exciting episode when we….

Audience: “CHECK….. FOR….. THAT…. CHECK!!!”


**Camera Pans to Close-Up of Erin’s extremely happy grinning face.**

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  1. ….and the crowd goes wild 🙂

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