I’m sitting here in EWR (that’s frequent flyer speak for Newark Airport) waiting for my plane to depart for LAX (again. FF speak for Los Angeleeeeeze)

I’ve met the bartender at the Guinness Pub (no worries. it was only a Miller Lite… which is like water… which is going right through me. I’ve got an excited bladder today. seriously. It’s saying “I need to be completely empty before we start this trip” — my bladder can be a real dork sometimes.

Yes. bodily function talk. Apparently I’m so excited about the trip that I wound up dry heaving for 5 minutes this morning before I left the house.

Don’t worry, I’m not afraid of flying. I just am freaking out (in a good way) about my fortunate situation.

I’ve gotta go track down a pack of gum to gnaw on while I fly. (It’ll probably be $14.00 here at EWR.)

also, there’s a dude sleeping on the floor here at the gate. everyone’s been walking gingerly around him… I’m kinda in the mood to roll my carry-on over his hip. should i?

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