Meeting The New MINI. The New Original.


Suspense thickened as the countdown began and the images flashed upon the wall…. I had to climb up onto a chair to get a glimpse of what was about to happen since the crowd was cramming their way excitedly towards the stage….

The garage door opened… and out the new original rolled into view.

The grill harkens back to the ’59 model… the headlights are still the iconic round design that we love on the MINI (I mean, who doesn’t know when a MINI is staring back at you when you are on the road and ready to wave back at your fellow brethren?) The LED daytime running lights are so sweet!

Anders Warming, the Head of Design at MINI, spoke and said that the vision they were going for with this new original was to be “even more luxurious” and have a “crisper, sharper” line on the interior as well as the exterior.

I must say…. they did it!


Everyone was ogling the star of the evening! From superstar Skateboarding wunderkind Tony Hawk to comedian Alonzo Bodden — both of whom are MINI owners and aficionados.

Here is Tony checking out the futuristic social kiosk that mimics the interior center console of the new MINI (it was pretty keen… you could take photos of yourself with the new MINI and post it to twitter/facebook/smoke signal… okay… maybe not the latter.)


Here is MY attempt at the MINI and Me photo (which I sent to my facebook page):


Alonzo Bodden tested out his wingspan on the new MINI and gave it a giant hug…



They gave us these really cool MINI wristbands that pulsed with the music….



WHOA!!!! HOLD ON! MINI SNACKS…… **brief interlude**



**pardon me… being totally stoked over the new MINI design makes one a bit peckish**

**and thirsty**



Willard Ford, who was gracious enough to host this event at his Kim Sing Theatre here in Los Angeles, thinks the new MINI design is quite strong!


It’s a great venue!



TO KEEP THE CELEBRATION GOING….. The band, Passion Pit took the stage after some hijinks on the red carpet…





All in all it was a fantastic night that showcased the new original MINI… I want to get in and enjoy the new ride!


Awwwwwww… this double decker WISHES it was a MINI!




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