Well. it’s been a few years since I blogged about the Superbowl Commercials on… so forgive me if I seem rusty (blame Facebook. I fell into a lazy — or not so lazy — rut of just posting statuses… statii incessantly. )

Okay so I will be updating this post over the course of the game.


National Anthem – Renee Fleming… Opera… beautiful.

NOAH — Russell Crowe & Hermione movie…

Mountain Dew KickStart—  Rockets… Missiles — so kids can be more insane

McDonald’s Bad Lip Reading


Coin Toss

Seattle won the toss… after Huggy Bear Namath flipped the coin


2014 ford fusion hybrid — Rob Riggle. . There was a dog in it so Gigglepup screamed throughout the entire damned thing

2014 ford fusion hybrid — James Franco as Rob Riggle… with a Tiger… and gpup is going apeshit. this doesn’t bode well for the rest of the animal-riddled adverts


Kick Off

(safety. seattle. well, anyone who has a 2 in their box is psyched)


1st Quarter

Bud Light – hidden cameras – ian rappaport – part 1.

Maserati — “the world is full of dragons” — little kid. “we walk out of the shadows, we walk out of the dark and strike” (kinda menacing… at first I thought it was an anti-Bullying PSA… not a frigging Maserati ad…)

Doritos.. — Time Machine -. kid screwing a guy out of doritos. cute

Chevy –  Man. Truck. Eligible Bachelor (Bull) Lonely Hearts, Romance… Hello Ladies… Drops off the Bull in the middle of a herd of Cows to the song “You Sexy Thang” — yes. it made me chuckle.

Jesse Pinkman on the Lam!! also titled Need For Speed.

Turbo Tax – watching another team in the superbowl is like watching another guy taking the girl you like to the prom Sean’s Stats at the prom – John C. Reilly V/O

Bud Light. Ian – Don Cheadle. Llama. Arnold. Ping Pong – Part 2

Ellen as Goldilocks… Beats By Dre

(RED) & Bank of America — Bono strutting. B&W ad. U2 concert.

Dad catching son. Hyundai Genesis that stops the car when there is danger.

Cheerios – ah the “controversial interracial” Cheerios ad… they’re having a baby and a puppy!

SquareSpace (nice ad.. but go to hell.)

Radio Shack. The 80s Called they want their store back. Radio Shack is upgrading. lots of 80s icons clearing out the store. decent.



2nd Quarter

Don’t ever leave.  Chevy — Shots of sprawling landscapes. Couple This Tuesday is World Cancer Day. Jeezuz, Chevy.

GoDaddy. Tuturro helping some strange puppeteer chick quit her job. At least she wasn’t half nekkid

Bud Light – cold bottles. reclosable bottles. resealable. “Cool Twist”. meh

T-Mobile – Tim Tebow. wanting a contract. showing different ways contracts are limiting.

WeatherTech – uses American apparently

 Marky Mark VS Transformers. Enough said.

VW – 100,000 miles a German Engineer gets his wings.
(nice scene in the men’s room with smaller wings…)

Wonderful Pistachios – Stephen Colbert

H&M David Beckham Bodywear… thank you for having an ad again this year.

Wonderful Pistachios – Stephen Colbert with more branding.

Spiderman2 – movie. stuff blowing up

Car Max – slow clap. RUDY cameo!

Geico – pig at DMV. c’mon, show a new ad. It’s the fucking Super Bowl.

Peanut M&Ms. Russian mob – menacing. basically saying he’s going to Chop him into little pieces and sprinkle on ice cream.

 Coca-Cola – America The Beautiful sung in multiple languages. TAG: America Is Beautiful.   classic. moving.

 SONOS — White room – changing colors to music on phone…. blue… red… yellow. Full your home with music

 MUPPETS – Toyota Highlander – Electric Mayhem 🙂 busting into a bingo hall… with  Terry Crews




Cure auto insurance saying “call an audible. Omaha Omaha! What the F**k does Omaha mean anyway??” — meh.

Bud Light Platinum – annoying club stuff.

Cure auto insurance spoofing with “Don’t you ever talk about me!”

JEEP. Stillness is what actually kills us. Restlessness starts with an itch. and it’s another car commercial. Cherokee. Built Free.

Whoa. Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee advert.

GoPro — felix baumgartner jumping from space. great.

NFL Draft – Jerry Ricecake

(anyone else effing bored to tears with the adverts AND the game???)

Scientology... yeah… eh. no.



3rd Quarter

 AUDI — holy fuck.  Dobrahuahua… best ad so far. (not sure if it’s because the bar has been set very low though — but the inclusion of Sarah MacLaughlin was great.)

GOLDI BLOX – Girls ditch your toys…

T-Mobile – Tebow Contract ad (different one)

AXE Peace – The most powerful weapon is love.  (have seen it before but it’s pretty goof.)

Chobani – Bear – Tearing the hell out of a country store… Ringing counter bell. wants Chobani Honey yogurt.

KIA – Lawrence Fishburne singing opera

Heinz Ketchup — If you’re happy and you know it slap your ketchup bottle. simple. cute.

HONDA – Bruce Willis – Car Safety – give everyone a hug. Fred Armisen hugging him tight.

Budweiser – Lt. Chuck Nadd – homecoming – moving.


Chrysler — America’s Import – Detroit — Bob Dylan. “is there anything more American than America?”

NFL — “Together We Make Football” — i liked it.

Toyota Highlander with more Muppets singing…

Time Warner Cable. Puff Daddy, Liev Schreiber, Jon Voight, tons of celebs showing that they are on cable.


4th Quarter

Coca-Cola — “don’t mess this up again Adrien.” — adrien might be sort of fast, but he’s kinda S-L-O-W.

Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups– Peanut Butter & Chocolate in couples therapy

Microsoft – Technology – (yay science!) –

Hyundai Elantra – Johnny Galecki – Richard Lewis – meh.

Jaguar – #GoodToBeBad –  Ben Kingsley – Villains

Oikos – John Stamos – dropping yogurt on his pants as a woman was about to go down on him. – Bob Saget/Dave Coulier c-blocking him. Full House mini-reunion

T-Mobile — talking about killing your contract (while the HamsterDance music plays in the background)

SodaStream – Scarlett Johansen sucking on a straw.

24 – Live Another Day  — Keifer Sutherland — guess I have to watch the original 24


 jeez… the score is 43 – 8 Seahawks… with 3 minutes left in the game.


Budweiser – Clydesdale * Puppy * Best Buds…. yeah i teared up.


GoDaddy – spray tan… actually a funny one.


Doritos – dog lone ranger music – lasso. cute


 the game is over. I’m gonna go watch Downton Abbey.


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  1. Renee nailed the anthem

  2. A good half time show, a few good commercials….boring game though… 🙂

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