Hooray! Week 6 on Weight Watchers and I’m down 20.6 pounds!!!! Lost another 2.2 pounds this week (and that was WITH my punctuation being here for the week.)

Pretty damned psyched!!

I think that my success this time is a combo of:

A) Weight Watchers — of course.
B) Less stress from not having to worry about Gigglemom
C) Cooking for myself. Not having to make side dishes and giant portions of food.

So, I am well on my way (or weigh… see what i did there?) to my goal of 155 pounds

That’s my initial goal weight. I think I was at a decent weight 10 years ago when my lowest was 159. I might dare for 150 for a nice even number. Since I am 5’6″, the high 150s are at the upper end of the goal scale.

In the meantime, I hit my 20 pound mark! I am less than 3 pounds away from my WW 10% goal (which is 23 pounds) and then my next personal goal is 30 pounds….

when i hit 30 pounds, i’m gonna go get a massage.

THIS WEEK’S GOAL: to start going back to the gym…. because next Saturday, I actually am “running” the Manasquan Mid-Winter Beach Run — okay, it’s 2 miles and i will probably do a brisk walk.

HERE IS MY PROGRESS SO FAR — in a nice tidy spreadsheet.

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